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Exclusive Industry Insights

Top-Tier Negotiation Skills

Strategies to Find and Land High-Paying Jobs with Robust Benefits

The AEC Industry Holds Untapped Opportunities That You Might Be Overlooking.

Even if you're comfortable in your current job, you could be missing out.

Navigating the job market alone, especially when you're not actively looking, means you could be missing out on unique opportunities. Moreover, you might be underestimating the benefits of working with a recruiter - such as negotiating better terms, understanding market conditions, and having someone represent your interests. Are you willing to leave these potential benefits on the table?

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Ready for a Career Upgrade? The AEC Industry is BOOMING.

Discover opportunities for higher pay, superior benefits, and accelerated growth with the Career Collective Podcast series.

The current AEC industry boom is your opportunity to upgrade your career and compensation. Dive into the free Career Collective Podcast series and uncover a wealth of industry secrets that can lead to high-paying jobs, premium benefits, and a career trajectory that matches your aspirations.

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Here's what you're getting with the Career Collective Podcast

EPISODE 1: 12 mins
Welcome! Here’s What You Need to Know to Succeed in the AEC Industry

EPISODE 2: 25 min
023 AEC Industry Trends: What You Need to Know to Get Ahead

EPISODE 3: 32 min
Ace Your AEC Industry Job Interview: Insider Tips from Industry Experts

EPISODE 4: 35 min
Practical Tips and Tools for AEC Job Seekers: Maximize Your Success

EPISODE 5: 19 min
Frequently Asked Questions: Get Answers from AEC Industry Insiders

EPISODE 6: 16min
Overcoming Common Setbacks in Your AEC Job Search: Tips and Strategies to Succeed

EPISODE 7: 8 min
Join Our Network of AEC Industry Professionals: Start Your Journey Today

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Don't Just Take It From Us

Here's How Career Collective Has Helped AEC Professionals Like You:

Luke R.

Mechanical PE

I had posted a simple resume on a popular job search website, expecting to begin the difficult and time-consuming process of managing my own job search. The next morning I get a call from a recruiter at Career Collective, and from then on my job search became painless and expedited. Not only did they handle everything to get me in front of companies, the negotiation and attentiveness to my needs quickly landed me a great job for an extremely competitive salary. I could not be happier with my choice to work with CC. They are exactly who you want when looking to work with a recruiter. I would recommend him to anyone in the A/E/C industry.

Andrew C.


I worked with Career Collective to find new employment in the fall of 2022. Having never worked with a recruiter before, I was skeptical about the process. They took the time to understand my concerns, aspirations, and skills, leaning on their familiarity with the profession and the market to find opportunities that aligned with my personal and professional needs. Critically, they managed to open doors that I couldn’t open myself due to a lack of either personal familiarity or free time. Throughout the process, they exhibited a level of professionalism and responsiveness that is increasingly rare but always welcome. I would not hesitate to work with them again and highly recommend others do the same.

Lonnie T.

Electrical PE

I was content with my employment, not really looking to make any kind of change.  In fact, I have been contacted by other recruiters in the past and told them that I would let them know when or if my situation changed.  The one thing that caused me to reconsider was when Zach posed a few questions to me like, “your compensation is great now, but what if I could find you something better,” and “if you could find a position that you loved just as much but was paid more, wouldn’t you consider making a change?”  Of course, the answer to both was, “I’d be cheating myself if I didn’t at least try.” I am now in a job that I love just as much as my last one and am much more comfortable.

bryce at career collective

Meet Your Host: Bryce Batts

I’ve helped over 600 AEC professionals land their next job or promotion.

Feeling stuck in your job, overwhelmed by the idea of change, or merely dreaming about the weekend? I'm Bryce Batts, a seasoned AEC recruiter with over 13 years of experience, and I believe that NOW is the perfect time for you to make your move.

Through my work as a certified Career Coach and an MBA, I've helped over 600 professionals like you find their next job or secure a promotion. I've seen the transformation from feeling unappreciated and stuck, to an empowered professional confidently carving out their desired career path. I want to help you experience the same.

What sets me apart? I celebrate your victories as my own. I'm not just here to find you a job, but to empower you, to help you recognize your negotiation skills, and to guide you towards where you genuinely want to be. Let's start this journey together with the Career Collective Podcast.

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What We Discuss

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The Vast Opportunities Available Now in the AEC Sector

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How to Ace the Interview Process

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How to Increase Your Salary by 17% on Average

What You'll Get


Is the Podcast for You?

If You're Looking for a New Job:

If you're actively seeking a new role in the AEC industry, the Career Collective Podcast is your perfect companion. Gain insider knowledge on how to effectively navigate the job market, the art of negotiation, and how to secure that sought-after position. Empower yourself with tips, advice, and success stories from a seasoned recruiter and certified Career Coach who has already helped hundreds of professionals just like you.

If You're Happy Where You Are:

You're content with your current role (and that's great!), but the Career Collective Podcast still has so much to offer. By tuning in, you'll gain insight into industry trends, current market conditions, and potential opportunities that you may not be aware of. Consider it as enriching your professional development and expanding your horizons. After all, there's always room for growth and improvement, even in a job you love.

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So, What Do You Have to Lose?

Take the plunge and download the Career Collective Podcast. Worst case scenario, you continue with your current job but with added industry insights. Best case? You uncover your dream job in the AEC industry, elevating your career to new heights, without any risk. It's a win-win situation. So why wait? Start listening today!

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